Research shows Irish attitudes to injectables & fillers

Almost two-thirds of Irish people (62%) would be open to having, or have tried, anti-wrinkle injections like Botox®.

Research was carried by Phorest Salon Software also showed that more than half (51%) say they would be open to the treatment, with 29% saying they would like to try Botox® and 22% saying they were unsure but would be curious. The survey also found that 11% have had or are currently undergoing injectable anti-wrinkle treatments, while 38% said they have never and would never try them.

In terms of fillers such as lip, cheek, jaw or chin treatments, those surveyed were less inclined to try these with 57% saying they never had and would never try fillers. Just 8% of participants said they have them, 22% were unsure but curious, and 35% who have never had the treatment would be open to trying.

Results from Phorest's Salon Industry Report are in contrast to the US, where 50% say they have never and would never try treatments like Botox®; 43% of those said it was because they were not at all interested. Only 15% of survey respondents in the US are currently undergoing or have tried the treatment.

Commenting on the results of Phorest's Salon Industry Report, Verna Wall, Lead Researcher at Phorest, says: 

“This reflects a real opportunity for Irish salons who are looking to get into the medi-aesthetic space. The appetite is there among the Irish public to turn back the hands of time, so this is your sign to invest in that area of your business and give the people what they want.”

Phorest Salon Software