Lynton's RF Microneedling now more customisable

The Focus Dual device which delivers Radiofrequency Microneedling is now available with both non-insulated and insulated needle tips offering practitioners more versatility in their treatments.

Manufactured by Lynton, the Focus Dual is used for non-surgical skin tightening and firming on the face and body. 

The difference in Radiofrequency needles is as follows: insulated microneedles allow the heat only to be emitted from the end tip, heating just the lower layers of the skin, protecting the epidermis, enabling safer treatments for darker skin types (Fitzpatrick 4-6). However, non-insulated microneedles emit Radiofrequency energy over their entire surface area allowing both the upper and lower layers of the skin to be heated at once, without the need for multiple passes at different depths. Non-insulated needles are also believed to reduce pinpoint bleeding.

Alongside the flexibility to select non-insulated and insulated needles, the amount of Radiofrequency energy released is also customisable, and the needle delivery depth is adjustable ranging from 0.5mm to 3.55mm. 

In addition, vacuum suction technology allows for the ultra-fine 0.16mm non-insulated needles or 0.25mm insulated needles to be smoothly, safely and effectively delivered to target area.

In addition, Lynton have also introduced help for practitioners to introduce treatments into their clinics and salons with delayed purchase options. To support small businesses, Lynton are partnering with specialist lenders to offer three months' deferred payment on all products. Terms and conditions apply.

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