Elave Sun launches with SPF for sensitive skin

Irish skincare brand Elave has revealed a collection of anti-ageing sunscreens formulated specially for sensitive skins to prevent the skin from burning and cellular infrared damage. 

Elave Sun is vegan and certified cruelty-free, and comprises a range of hypoallergenic UVA and UVB broad spectrum sunscreens approved by dermatologists and paediatricians for use on delicate, eczema and dermatitis-prone Type I and Type II skin. 

The collection comprises Elave Sensitive Sun SPF30, Daily Skin Defence SPF45, Elave Daily Lip Defence SPF20 and Elave Botanical Aftersun.

Each is formulated with a new generation of encapsulated UV filters containing up to 12 antioxidants and nine botanicals, and absorbs up to 98% (SPF50+) of harmful rays.

When used as directed, Elave Sun products are guaranteed to prevent itching, prickly, redness and rashes. They are also waterproof.

Commenting on the Elave Sun collection, Joanna Gardiner, CEO of Gardiner Family Apothecary, who produce the range, says:

“Many sunscreens contain harsh ingredients that trigger allergic reactions like itching and rashes, particularly when used on sensitive or eczema-prone Irish skin.

“The reaction occurs when the skin with the sunscreen is exposed to sunlight. You may have an immediate reaction - or it could develop days later. A skin allergy or irritation can also suddenly appear after years of using sunscreen with no problems. 

“Avoid irritation by using a gentle, yet effective sunscreen like Elave Sun, an invisible zinc, irritation-free formulation enriched with naturally-sourced antioxidant botanicals and vitamins designed to block UV rays and protect against photo-ageing. 

“Elave Sun Paediatric SPF50+, a waterproof, hypoallergenic formulation with advanced infrared protection, is recommended by paediatricians as particularly suitable for children's delicate young skin.”

Gardiner Family Apothecary
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