Ukrainian therapists turn to CACI to treat effects of stress

Two years since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the devastation seen across much of the country, Ukrainian beauty businesses are treating the effects of stress on clients' skin. 

Hanna Bezyk (pictured right), who owns The Beauty Agency in Kyiv, uses CACI devices to deliver her treatments and feels that ensuring her CACI clients feel good is of utmost importance, despite appointment changes due to air raids. In addition to lifting and toning the muscles, CACI treatments can also assist with targeting specific skin concerns and skin rejuvenation. She says:

“Of course - it is difficult to work in such a difficult time, but if you help people to be beautiful and healthy, it is usually followed by grateful clients.

“Nowadays, many women have problems due to a high-stress factor and chronic lack of sleep. We are noticing clients coming in with conditions, such as acne, rosacea, and sensitive skin.”

CACI's Managing Director, Dean Nathanson, comments: 

“We value all our international businesses across 100 countries worldwide – but over the last two years, Ukraine has particularly been in our hearts and minds. We are incredibly humbled by the bravery and fortitude of our ‘CACI Community' over there. In fact, when we launched training to become a CACI Advanced Clinic in November 2022, the first account to sign up to our first training course was a Ukrainian beauty salon.”