The new ARTDECO A/W collection


The new ARTDECO A/W collection Tweed your style reinterprets the timeless classic tweed: a fabric that never goes out of international fashion.

Tweed is a must-have this season!



Blush Couture "Tweed Your Style" RRP €33.40

·        Vegan

·        Limited edition design with real fabric

·        A perfect combination of two shades

·        Shades can be applied individually or blended



Beauty Box Trio Limited Edition RRP €11.90

·        Limited edition design with real fabric

·        Ideal for storing your ARTDECO eyeshadows

·        Practical for on the go!


Eyeshadows (New Shades) RRP €7.50 each

·        High colour payoff

·        New shades "Pearly Golden Hour" N°25A, "Pearly Designer Look" N°92A, "Matte Selected Item" N°526 and "Matte Business Chic" N°528.


Soft Eye Liner Waterproof (Shade 12) RRP €10.05

·        Ideal for intensifying the upper lash contour and the lower inner eye rim

·        Fragrance-free

·        Extremely durable, smudge-proof and waterproof

·        Creamy consistency

Soft Lip Liner Waterproof (Shade 131) RRP €10.05

·        Creamy, long-lasting formula with intensive color

·        Prevents lipstick from bleeding

·        Smudge-proof and waterproof


Eyebrow Colour Pen RRP €15.99

·        Vegan

·        Available in shades "Ash Brown" 16, "Medium Brunette" 22 and "Light Blonde" 28

·        Imitates hairs where they are missing

·        Long-lasting, smudge proof and water-resistant


Perfect Colour Lipstick RRP €16.00

·        New shades Confident Style N°810 (Classic dark red), Dose Of Rose 817 (Elegant rosewood) & Classic Elegance 827 (Classic nude)

·        Limited edition red design

·        Rich colour

·        Plumping effect and hydrates the lips with flower extracts of Water Lily and Moon Orchid


ARTDECO's “Tweed Your Style“ Collection will launch in September 2022 and be available in selected salons and private pharmacies nationwide and online on



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