The GelBottle reveals more All-in-One BIAB™ shades

The GelBottle Inc. has launched three new shades to its All-in-One BIAB™ collection inspired by some of the brand's best-selling Original BIAB™ shades.

All-in-One BIAB™ is a multi-use gel that acts as a base, builder and top coat. It was originally formulated to work seamlessly with TGB's DesignEx Pro™ extensions as it contains 50% less HEMA than the Original BIAB™ and has a thinner viscosity.

The new shades include NU06, a pink inspired by TGB shade Aurora; NU07, a pale pink inspired by TGB shade Lady; and NU08, a vibrant pink inspired by TGB shade Baby. 

All-in-One BIAB™ is part of The GelBottle Inc's portfolio of four BIAB™ formulations which also includes Original BIAB™, HEMA-Free BIAB™ and File-Off BIAB™.

Commenting, Daisy Kalnina, founder and CEO of The GelBottle Inc., says:

“As a nail tech myself, I understand that every client has unique needs and preferences, which is why we offer such an extensive range of BIAB™ shades and formulations.”

Ifra Siddique, Compliance Director at The GelBottle Inc., adds:

“Each of our BIAB™ formulations comes with several benefits; protecting against breakages to allow clients to grow natural nail length, preventing chipping, whilst fortifying them from within. With regular application, each of TGB's BIAB™ formulations promotes resilient and healthy nails.”

The GelBottle Inc.