Summer waxing just got fruiter thanks to Just Wax Expert

Just Wax Expert Watermelon Hot WaxProfessional beauty supplier Salon System has introduced two fruity new limited additions to its Just Wax Expert range.

Just Wax Expert Watermelon Strip Wax and Hot Wax Beads have been created to remove hair from sensitive skin and delicate areas whilst being tough on hair but gentle on the skin.

The new Hot Wax is a professional grade strip wax that has an extra fast set with a balance of flexibility and firmness. It has a smooth gel texture and a low working temperature, and because it can be applied super thinly on delicate/intimate areas, it allows comfortable and quick hair removal without any stickiness. You know when the wax is ready to be removed as it turns from a clear gel to opaque. The wax is formulated with Cucumber extract for its hydrating properties and has a fresh Watermelon aroma.

Just Wax Expert Watermelon Strip WaxAlso new, Just Wax Expert Watermelon Strip Wax is also formulated with Cucumber extract for its benefits to the skin. With a watermelon aroma and green colour, it's fast-setting and flexible on the skin enabling clean and easy hair removal. Suitable for use on the face and body, it's comfortable on sensitive skins thanks to its low allergen and Rosin-free formulation. 

Commenting on the launch of Just Wax Experts new limited-edition products, Andy Rouillard, Salon System Expert and owner of Axiom Wax Academy, says:

“Just Wax Expert Watermelon Strip Wax is a sparkling, warm wax in Kiwi green, with outstanding fluidity that leaves the skin feeling perfectly smooth and conditioned - and no unpleasant stickiness. 

“Meanwhile, the low temperature and soft-set formula of Just Wax Expert Watermelon Hot Wax makes it ideal not just for bikini lines but all areas of the face and body, guaranteeing gentle removal that respects the most sensitive of skins. And with a shimmering pink finish and juicy Watermelon aroma, it looks and smells good enough to eat!”

Salon System