New Daily Cleansing Gel brightens & removes impurities

Dublin Herbalists Every Day Cleansing Gel Natural skincare brand Dublin Herbalists has introduced a new facial cleanser created to unblock pores and remove impurities and make-up whilst hydrating the skin.

Dublin Herbalists Every Day Cleansing Gel transforms from a gel to a cleansing oil to a moisturising milk. Applied direct onto dry skin and massaged, the gel melts into an oil that targets impurities and make-up. Once warm water is applied, the oil transforms into a moisturising milk which can be washed away.

Key ingredients in the vegan formulation include Apricot oil for moisturising dry skin, reducing wrinkles and blemishes, maintaining skin elasticity and fighting pigmentation, and Carrot Seed oil which has antibacterial properties that may help with skin infections and remove dark spots thanks to its skin-lightening properties.

After removal, skin is fresher, brighter and cleansed. Used daily, this cleansing gel can boost skin's radiance. 

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