Medik8 Launch Press & Clear

P R E S S & C L E A R
Exfoliating 2% BHA Tonic Gentle-Release Salicylic Acid

Clarity Without Compromise

From the innovators in retinal comes another breakthrough formula that promises to revolutionise the BHA skincare game. Press & Clear (£34) is a 2% encapsulated salicylic acid tonic which features unique, slow-release technology and a barrier friendly pH ~5.5 to ensure the formula is as gentle on the skin as it is effective in providing clinically-proven, triple-action blemish care: before, during and after. Clear skin, we see you.

While high-strength treatments and the promise of fast-acting results can be very alluring to those battling blemishes, combinations of such high % actives can easily overload the complexion. This can cause the natural barrier to dismantle, leaving the skin more susceptible to damage, inflammation and further breakouts while worsening the look and feel of existing blemishes.

At Medik8, we like to break down barriers - but not when it comes to our skin. That's why we've taken an innovative approach to formulating Press & Clear, recognising that blemish-prone skin is sensitive skin - and should therefore be treated as such. While there's a common misconception that salicylic acid needs to be at a low pH to be effective on the skin, our research shows it is just as efficient at a neutral pH of ~5.5 - and this alleviates the common pain points of BHAs such as dryness, general irritation and even feelings of greasiness. In fact, every aspect of Press & Clear is designed to avoid these downsides; from the pH itself and delivery technology, to the experience-enhancing texture and expertly-combined ingredients. This is a BHA, but better.

Press & Clear is proven to visibly clarify the skin in just 7 days*

‘'A true innovation within the BHA skincare space, Press & Clear recognises that blemish-prone skin is sensitive skin, and that it needs to be treated kindly to achieve the best, long-term results,'' says Daniel Isaacs, Medik8's Director of Research.


2% Encapsulated Salicylic Acid

Delivered via gentle-release technology at a neutral pH ~5.5, it efficiently exfoliates and decongests the complexion to provide both prevention of and action on blemishes - without causing irritation. Salicylic just got sophisticated.

2% Tranexamic Acid

Works to minimise the appearance of post-blemish imperfections by visibly brightening the complexion. Sake Extract Supports and nourishes the natural skin barrier to keep it strong, healthy and resilient to future breakouts.

Aloe Vera

Provides soothing relief during breakouts and offsets any dryness caused by blemishes themselves.


Maximum strength (2%) salicylic acid is oil soluble and able to penetrate deep into the pores to break down blockages which can lead to blemishes and congestion. This blemish-busting hero promotes a visibly clarified complexion while remaining non-irritating on the skin thanks to our gentle-release encapsulation system. The system slowly releases the salicylic acid to avoid causing any discomfort to sensitive, vulnerable skins while maintaining ongoing effectiveness. This combined with the pH of ~5.5 means Press & Clear ensures a barrier-friendly experience which can be enjoyed up to twice per day.

This innovative tonic offers a never-before-seen BHA balance between power and gentleness - all in a water-based, non-sticky and non-greasy formula. You've never experienced salicylic acid like this.

Press & Clear is proven to be significantly more gentle on blemish-prone, sensitive skins than the market-leading BHA toner**

With sustainability as a key priority within Medik8's ongoing company mission, Press & Clear's packaging is designed to help reduce plastic waste with a recyclable bottle and refillable option to accompany the reusable pump. “Pumps are notoriously hard to recycle,” says Daniel Isaacs. “To tackle this, we encourage our customers to recycle the original bottle and reuse the pump and cap on a Press & Clear refill.” The pump can be reused up to 5 times. As with all Medik8 formulas, Press & Clear is also 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

To unlock, twist the top half of the pump anti-clockwise until it clicks. After cleansing in the morning and/or evening (before applying any other serums or moisturisers), hold a facial pad (reusable is best) firmly over Press & Clear and push down 3-4 times. Sweep the pad over the face, avoiding the delicate eye area. Twist the pump clockwise until it clicks to secure. Store out of direct sunlight. For Press & Clear Refill, transfer the pump saved from your previous Press & Clear bottle onto the Press & Clear Refill.

We advise new users to apply once a day and note the skin's response, then use up to twice daily. Patch testing prior to use is also advised. Refer to for an in-depth guide to patch testing

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Medik8 Press & Clear - £34.00 / €41.00, 150ml | Medik8 Press & Clear Refill - £29.00 / €35.00, 150ml
Launching on 20th September 2022 on and in Medik8 clinics nationwide

*Proven via independent consumer study conducted over 4 weeks on 50 participants with sensitive, blemish-prone skins.
**Proven via independent dual-placement consumer study conducted on 50 participants with sensitive, blemish-prone skins.

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