Light Elegance unveil new nail tool collection

LEpro Curved Blade Precision ScissorsProfessional nail brand, Light Elegance, is launching a collection of new nail tools and implements.

In addition to the Stainless-Steel tools, which can be easily sanitised, there's also a new Light Elegance Storage Box to keep everything tidy, whether you're working in the salon or mobile.

Light Elegance's new nail tool collection includes two new scissors, the LEpro Curved Blade Precision Scissors, which a smooth glide cutting action and are ideal for customising nail forms with a curved cut, and the LEpro Straight Blade Precision Scissors, suitable for accurate cuts on forms and hangnails.  Each have a ‘Quick Draw' design without finger holes, and have textured, non-slip finger grips.

In addition, the collection includes the LEpro Tip Cutter with a sharp edge to cut tips easily and with precision, and cab eb used to make square cuts, round cuts and well cuts to adjust tip length.

Plus, the LEpro Stir & Scoop Precision Spatula is designed for picking up small particles for nail art, scooping glitter and acrylic powders, and sprinkling dry powders onto the nail. It's also great for mixing, stirring and scraping, picking up gels and blending gels. 

Light Elegance Storage Box

The LE Salon Storage Box comes in two sizes: the Large box will hold 22 x 30ml Lexy Line jars, eight 50ml Lexy Line Jars and 12 x 30ml jars, along with implements and P+ Gel Polishes. The Small Box holds up to 33 x 5ml ButterCream Jars, 20 x 17ml LE Color or Glitter Gel jars.

Light Elegance's new nail tools and implements are available from Sweet Squared.