Hydrafacial introduce gentle peel for sensitive skins

Hydrafacial® is further expanding its range of customisable treatments with the launch of Peel Sensitive, a gentle yet effective exfoliator that enables you to create bespoke levels of skin resurfacing.

Designed particularly for clients with sensitive and reactive skin, Hydrafacial® Peel Sensitive is formulated with Lactobionic Acid, a surface-level PHA exfoliator, and Phytic Acid, a calming AHA with antioxidant properties. This gentle combination that exfoliates the skin without irritation or inflammation. It can be integrated into the brand's three-step cleanse, extract and hydrate treatment protocol to slough away dead skin cells, alleviate congestion and protection against free radicals. 

Commenting on the launch, Dr Ana Mansourim, brand ambassador for Hydrafacial®, says:

“Hydrafacial's new Peel Sensitive is a fantastic addition to the range of personalisation options, particularly for those with sensitive and reactive skin types. Improving patient experience and clinical outcomes, I'll be using Peel Sensitive to prep skin for in-clinic treatments, allowing me to perform two procedures synergistically in the same sitting, without irritating the skin barrier.”

Following treatment, immediate improvement in skin is visible resulting in a clearer, rejuvenated and radiant complexion boosted through a course of facials.