CND head to the Med for summer nail inspiration

Professional nail brand, CND™, has revealed its Summer 2022 colour collection, inspired by the rich hues of the Mediterranean.

CND™ Mediterranean Dream is available in CND™ Shellac™ Brand Gel Polish and CND™ Vinylux™ Long Wear Polish formulations, and comprises six new shades that will whisk clients away to a warm summer paradise. 

The collection includes Limoncello, a warm yellow; Linen Luxury, a creamy ivory; Olive Grove, a muted, dark green; Artisan Bazaar, a bright purple; Boats & Bikinis, an aquatic teal; and Terracotta Dreams, a brown clay.

CND Mediterranean Dreams

Commenting on the new Mediterranean Dreams collection, CND™ Co-Founder, Jan Arnold, says:

“This collection makes you feel like you're coasting along the Mediterranean! These shades were designed to transport you there with its pristine turquoise waters, juicy lemons, luscious olives and colorful [sic], mosaic tiles. Cruise into summer with these stunning, warm shades!”

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