Booking platform makes sustainability commitment

Online booking platform Treatwell has announced a three-step commitment to becoming a more sustainable business.

Thanks to a partnership with social enterprise South Pole, which develops and implements strategies that turn climate action into long-term business opportunities, Treatwell will begin by offsetting 1kg of CO₂ per each online booking on behalf of its users through high quality carbon credits. These carbon credits will finance climate action through investing in South Pole's Guinea Bissau REDD + project which empowers local communities in the long-term conservation of the country's natural ecosystems. It aims to halt deforestation whilst also contributing towards sustainable livelihoods, improving food security and alleviating poverty.

In addition, Treatwell is committing to measuring its operational carbon footprint, and will encourage its salon partners to adopt sustainable business practices through an educational programme.

Commenting on Treatwell's sustainability commitment, Giampiero Marinò, CEO, says:

“As a leading player of an industry where the impact on the planet, in terms of water, energy and waste is not negligible anymore, our commitment to take concrete action is our pledge to a sustainable future. We perceive this as a great responsibility and that is why we are happy to take this investment on behalf of our users and salon partners so that they can feel proud of being part of the change.”